Complete Database Update to new PageRank !!!
Today the Autoapprove Club has updated the whole database to the latest google pagerank update. It takes a lot of time and ressources to update the whole database.
We uploaded a complete new database.

AAC Trackback Submitter first Release - totally free for members !!!
Today the Autoapprove Club has released the first version of the exclusive Trackback Submitter software.
We are very proud to present such a great piece of software.

The AAC Trackback Submitter supports
  • spinning
  • proxies incl. username and password support
  • multithreading
  • small bandwidth usage
  • and many many more.

We've recorded a small video that shows how much power the application can serve.

This Trackback Submitter gives you more successful posts than scrapebox when using the same list!

More Infos can be found on the Trackback Submitter Site.