AAC Trackback Submitter

autoapproveclub.net Trackback Submitter

This Trackback Submitter sends faster and more reliable Trackbacks than Scrapebox does.
You can use the Multi-Url mode or the Single Url mode to send the Trackbacks.

AAC Trackback Submitter - Latest Version: 6

AAC Trackback Submitter 7 (released 25.01.2012)

- Existent Members, please download the full setup and reinstall. -

  • Major performance improvements
  • Bug Fix - Should not freeze with one thread left anymore.

AAC Trackback Submitter - Latest Version: 6

AAC Trackback Submitter 6 (released 08.12.2011)
  • New Layout - Changed some Buttons and Groups.
  • Add Preview Button - Now you can preview you trackback before sending to make sure everything is successfully loaded.
  • Add Timer - Now you can check how much time a blast or a link check take.
  • Bug Fix - Copy to Clipboard do not close the link checker.
  • Bug Fix - Scrapebox to AAC Converter works with empty lines in loaded file.
  • Bug Fix - Buttons keep greyed out should now come back after blast or link check.

AAC Trackback Submitter Advantages:
  • Extreme high success rate through smart coding
  • Higher success rate than Scrapebox
  • All input fields are spinnable (Title, Excerpt, Anchor and Link)
  • Multi Url support
  • Single Mode
  • Multithreading
  • Uses low bandwidth
  • Proxy support
  • Proxy checker included
  • Low price: $9,99 / month
Here is a short video, that gives you an impression, how powerful the Trackback Submitter is.

This video shows how to get 191 DOFOLLOW autoapprove Backlinks in just 3 minutes.
The AAC Trackback Submitter uses a small 250 URL list from autoapproveclub.net.
That´s freaking awesome!! You get 191 Backlinks from a list that consists of just 250 urls !!
So the success rate is about 76,4 % !!!!

Why should you use Trackbacks?

Faster to send than comments
Higher autoapprove-rate
More often Dofollow than comments
Works on most closed comments
Very easy to send
Sending trackbacks uses lower Bandwidth than comments

Our experience shows that nearly all blogowners forget to close their trackback section when closing comments.
The same applies to "nofollowing" links. Many blogowners nofollow their commentlinks, but forget to do the same to the trackbacklinks.
That is the big advantage compared to commenting.
To send a comment the commenting tool needs to download the whole source of a blog entry to get the comment post form. This ends up in high traffic if you send comments with multithreading. Trackbacks can even be sent through a slow connection and you can use more threads than sending comments.
Try it for yourself and you will see how much power the Trackbacklinks will serve your site.
We offer a monthly payment for the AAC Trackback Submitter. So you can test the tool for only $9,99 / month. Definitely worth the price.

Order AAC Trackback Submitter now !
(Follow the link and choose "Autoapprove Tools Membership" for $9,99 / month.)